Everything that takes place around/ happens or is spoken about turns out to be relative of something. For instance, consider the above topic of this post. It is title ‘Are homeopathic drops effective?’ Now this question is relative to real or medical grade hcg. So we shall now discuss the homeopathic drops in relative to the real hcg.

The Short Answer?

No, the homeopathic drops aren’t as that effective as medical grade ones. This is because they do not contain the hcg in it. In fact they have other name as ‘hormone free hcg drops’. Therefore, the answer is obvious that the hormone free drops or other wise known as homeopathic drops are not effective or even comparable to hcg drops which are of medical grade.

So Why Homeopathic drops in the market?

It has been found that there are some people who find themselves allergic to the real hcg. Hence, they require another type of hormone that will mimic the purest form of hcg and yet do not contain even trace amount of the hormone so that the allergens are not fired up.

Hope we helped you out with this article.