In this post we are not going to provide any information but will try to answer some of the most rare answers in the world of HCG diet.

First of all here is one questions that confuses most readers and users of hcg drops. The question is that some do not lose even a single pound for more than a week.

This is an interesting thing because we all know that hcg diet is one of the fastest weight loss diet in the world. And if you are using the hcg drops to lose weight then you are sure to lose. But if you are not losing weight then there is some problem with the hcg hormone itself.

However, we should not jump to such conclusions as there are many other reasons:

1) First and most important reason as to why you are not losing weight is probably you are not following the protocol. I mean you are eating the right amount of food and the right food itself. I am implying that you are snaking on other items. They might be lower in quantity but are higher in calories and therefore can ruin your hcg diet altogether.

2) Secondly, you must have been exercising on the hcg diet. Yes, even I have done the same. I exercised on the hcg diet and in the end after 2 months had lost only 5 pounds when I should have lost more than 25 lbs. I would also like to repeat again that exercising will increase your appetite and ruin the hcg protocol.

3) Another common reason might be that you are trying to get your stomach full in the night. This is bad because you are not supposed to do that. Your stomach should not be full at night. Sleep only with half filled stomach.

4) Finally, ensure that you have purchased hcg drops from a reputed seller who has a long positive history and the manufacturing process is approved by the FDA.

IN short to lose weight you should always lean on the hunger side. Because it is all about consuming less calories and spending more.