Phase 1 of HCG Diet

If you are keen on reducing weight and bringing your body in shape, then it is quite likely that the next few lines will be interesting and informative. Amongst the various diet patterns which are following there is no doubt that HCG diet is something that has been talked about quite a lot. It basically has four phases and it seemingly has helped hundreds of people to meet their overall objectives and goals as far as weight loss and body fitness are concerned. In this article, we will have a closer look at phase 1 of HCG diet, and try to understand its objectives, goals and what the kind of diets that one should follow. This is important because only when we complete this phase will we be able to move towards phase 2, 3 and finally phase four.


It Also Is Known As The Loading Days


Phase 1 of HCG diet is also referred to as loading days. When you are on the first day of this diet phase you are at liberty to eat almost anything which you desire. There is no restriction on quantity and quality. This phase has been thought about carefully and therefore you need not be surprised when you are allowed to eat almost anything that your taste buds long for. This is because the screws will be tightened as your move forward and you will be asked to stay away from quite a few food items as the diet plans moves into phase 2 and finally touches phase 4. In fact this phase is designed to last for thirty days. Therefore the liberal diet allowance on day one of phase 1 is quite understandable. This phase allows you to eat food items like ice cream, pasta, French fries, and cakes. These food items will certainly shock others who follow a conventional route as far as weight management is concerned. This phase allows you to also eat the best of meat proteins including beef, chicken breasts, veal, crab, shrimp and lobster.


This Phase Is Also About Detoxification And Cleansing


As mentioned about phase 1 can last up to 30 days and the actual number of days would depend on the cleansing and detoxification protocols which are being planned and followed. There are different cleansing and detoxification protocols which can be followed. However, the main objective is to rid the body of the toxins present in processed foods. The objective is also to clear and remove any pre-existing issued pertaining to your digestive system. This phase is important because it could have a bearing on the other three phases, i.e. 2, 3 and 4.


Is This Phase Essential


There are many who believed that this phase is not essential at all and end users can move on to phases 2, 3 and 4. While this might be partially correct, it is strongly recommended that phase 1 be completed successfully. It will help a lot in detoxifying the body and understand the various problems related to the digestive systems. It also will enable the trainer to understand the metabolic process much better and plan the other phrases accordingly and make changes to diet patterns accordingly.

Why You Should Read a Review before Purchasing HCG Drops

importan of reviewA review is the most important part before purchasing of any product, especially if you are purchasing online. The reason you need to read a review prior to any product purchase is because the reviews provides a clear idea as to what you are purchasing. The same applies to HCG drops too.

Here are some of the important reasons as to why you should read a HCG drops review:

Quality of HCG drops:

By reading a review you can confirm the quality of the HCG. Most of you are looking for pure HCG drops. Some of you, however, are interested in homeopathic hcg drops as well. If you are purchasing a product prior to review then you will be confused as to what that product holds. Hence, it is suggested that you read a review and confirm whether you are in need of pure hcg drops or homeopathic.

Avoid unwanted costs:

Most merchant’s online try to fool you with unwanted costs. For example, a product might be displayed for only $50 and you might jump right towards thinking it to be cheap. But when you fill in your credit card details you will notice that their shipping costs are $15. That is absolute crazy. A review will guide you as to how much the real cost of the bottle is and how much you will have to pay in future for a refill.

Only the best merchants:

Again you should purchase only from reputed sellers to avoid any illegal purchase. A review will guide as to how many best sellers of hcg drops are out there and how many of them are the best of the best. This will help you to choose them easily and you can guarantee yourself that you will be in better hands.

Various Factors:

A review of hcg drops or merchants will help you to choose from various factors. Let us say that your main factor is cheap hcg drops and you do not care much about the quality. Hence, you can filter merchants, who provide cheap hcg drops. In other case you are not worried about the money but you need the purest form of hcg. Again you choose the merchant who sells the purest form of hcg.

Where can I find a review site for HCG?

We ourselves provide a review site for HCG drops. However, if you are looking for an independently reviewing site for hcg drops then click here. This is the best place for hcg drops reviews as they have online for a long period of time. Moreover, their rankings and ratings are unbiased. Most important of all they are customer focused and try to please their customers first.

Easy Fat-Burning Workouts

If you are looking forward to shedding some of the unwanted pounds from your body, you will know that you can do a good job by exercising properly and indulging in some fat-burning  exercises. Without specific exercises that will help, you  will not be able to lose the additional weight that you gained.  However, it is likely that you may not have the knowledge about how you can burn fat easily and could begin a course that will not help you effectively. In this discussion let us look at some fat burning workouts that will ensure that you succeed in your objective.


If you are intent on losing the fat, you will have to look out for exercises such as jogging, aerobics, strength training, swimming and sports. However, you will have to concentrate on achieving your goals and not let go the routine you have chosen. You will have to set aside at least 40 minutes to one hour everyday for the exercise of your choice. Anything less will only be a waste of time that will show no difference on your body.


Swimming is considered as one of the best exercises that will help you burn the unwanted fat and calories. It helps in building muscles, which increase your metabolic and is highly effective in burning the fat on your stomach. It is a tough workout, and trainers generally recommend in excess of 40 minutes per day every day.


You can also consider aerobics because it is a good way to build muscle that can increase the metabolism of your body. It also has the ability to    burn more calories. You will be able to find several lessons on aerobics in the form of videos and even in the print media. You can alternatively choose to join a class where professional trainers will be helping you in burning away the unwanted fat from your body.


Other activities like jogging and strength training can also be undertaken, but you will have to be pretty stringent about the routine you follow. You cannot afford to indulge in the activity for a day or two and then give it away because it will not prove helpful. You will have to purchase proper clothing for the exercising. You will need clothes that will permit your body and not limit it in any way. The whole idea would be to purchase something that will facilitate the kind of exercises you are going to indulge in.

you can also use hcg hormone drops to lose weight fast. It has been proved that people who have used hcg diet have lost weight safely. For our recommendation of hormone follow this link hcg drops that are best (click on the above link).


Burning fat is not easy and takes a lot of determination on the part of the individual. You must understand that your goal is not just burning the fat away but keeping it away after it has been reduced. This will mean that you will have to make a long-term plan and ensure that you do not give it up midway. Trying to understand that you can easily gain the fat you lost after the strenuous workouts should make you continue  the routine you had chosen to follow. Make a selection from some of the exercises mentioned in this discussion, and you will soon begin to see your body in better shape.

Sugar Patients Beware of HCG Diet

Sugar patients who suffer from either high blood pressure or low blood pressure should probably abstain from HCG Diet. If you are desperate to lose weight then we suggest to take the assistance of a physician as it will be safer.

Here is why?

The HCG diet will change your sugar levels rapidly. In the starting stages of HCG diet your sugar level in the blood will spike while when on final stages your sugar levels will drop way below than normal.

So how do you overcome this situation?

If you are on a hcg drops solution which is only based on the hcg hormone then you are sure to face this trouble. If you are getting hold of hcg drops that we suggest. This hormone has other hormones which will help in maintaining the sugar levels. However, we suggest that you get personal advise from your physician and not to rely completely on our article.

How to find the Real HCG Drops

Our website is fully dedicated towards educating the people who are ignorant about the side effects of hcg drops. But sometime we need to get out of the way and discuss some other matters of interest.

In this post we shall discuss as to how one can get their hands on a hcg drops which are real.

And yes, you have understood it right. There are fake hormones that get into the market. So it is essential that you get your hands on the real ones.

So how do you go about getting the real ones? It is really difficult but if you have done it once then you will understand it easily.

Any business that gains trust is through the trust of time. therefore, you need to look for a hcg retailer that is in the business through the time of year.

the second part is that you should look for any hormones that are mixed with the hcg. If you do find some other hormones then they are also fake. However, there are some retailers who are trusted as the mixed hormones will increase the weight loss.

Why is That I haven’t lost Weight for More than a Week?

In this post we are not going to provide any information but will try to answer some of the most rare answers in the world of HCG diet.

First of all here is one questions that confuses most readers and users of hcg drops. The question is that some do not lose even a single pound for more than a week.

This is an interesting thing because we all know that hcg diet is one of the fastest weight loss diet in the world. And if you are using the hcg drops to lose weight then you are sure to lose. But if you are not losing weight then there is some problem with the hcg hormone itself.

However, we should not jump to such conclusions as there are many other reasons:

1) First and most important reason as to why you are not losing weight is probably you are not following the protocol. I mean you are eating the right amount of food and the right food itself. I am implying that you are snaking on other items. They might be lower in quantity but are higher in calories and therefore can ruin your hcg diet altogether.

2) Secondly, you must have been exercising on the hcg diet. Yes, even I have done the same. I exercised on the hcg diet and in the end after 2 months had lost only 5 pounds when I should have lost more than 25 lbs. I would also like to repeat again that exercising will increase your appetite and ruin the hcg protocol.

3) Another common reason might be that you are trying to get your stomach full in the night. This is bad because you are not supposed to do that. Your stomach should not be full at night. Sleep only with half filled stomach.

4) Finally, ensure that you have purchased hcg drops from a reputed seller who has a long positive history and the manufacturing process is approved by the FDA.

IN short to lose weight you should always lean on the hunger side. Because it is all about consuming less calories and spending more.

Does HCG Really Work?

People want to lose weight go through plenty of anxiety when trying out a product that promises them the world. They would stop at nothing and in fact, spend the extra dollar to achieve their objective of losing weight. In the recent past hCG drops and injections have gained in popularity with a large number of people using them and testifying that they had found a degree of success with the same. Testimonials from people can be seen published on websites and famous personalities like Dr. Oz can be seen promoting the product. However, people would be skeptical about the information provided because of the experience that people have with such remedies. While some may even be correct in their aassumption it must be said that mistakes are committed by people when trying to lose weight making the remedy ineffective from the start.

In the first place, people must be determined to shed the unwanted pounds from their body and make a genuine effort to do so using all help that is available. Merely using hCG drops or injections and going on with life as they were earlier will not help the individual but is likely to leave them disappointed at not being able to see the results. If the diet is used properly people can lose approximately 7.5% off body fat in a single round of the diet which can take up to 40 days. Research has confirmed that these results can be achieved without cutting down on food or getting into any kind of exercise whatsoever. However, the results will only be visible if people follow the regimen steadfastly and not make any changes during the course at any time. In all other cases, people are likely to come across failure that will take them back to where they came from.

People are advised to choose a reputed brand of hCG drops if they have decided to go in for the over-the-counter variety. Choosing a product from a supermarket is not advisable because they could be given a product that may not conform with the standards set by the FDA. Such products are not likely to be effective and will cause disappointment among consumers. People that do not have any idea about these products will do better to contact a medical practitioner and obtain prescriptions for pharmaceutical grade hCG drops or injections. In such instances, they will be able to see results faster without the fear of any side effects.

People who are overly obese may see the results delayed by sometime because of the body mass index they have. No two people will react similarly to a single remedy. The lifestyle of the individual, the BMI and several factors will have to be considered before people decide whether the remedy is effective or not. Experts who have been using the product confirm that users who have followed the instructions provided stringently have certainly found the hCG diet one of the most impressive methods of cutting down on weight without having to go through some of the difficulties that other products will require them to.

What is HCG?

Among the many tests that are carried out on humans, one is known as the human chorionic gonadotropin HCG to understand the levels of the hCG hormone in the blood or urine. Some tests measure the exact amount, and some merely try to understand whether the hormone is present. HCG is made by the placenta during pregnancy, and the test can be used to understand if a woman is pregnant or used as a screening test and look for birth defects within the unborn child.


Some tumors within the body can also make abnormally high levels of hCG. Germ cell tumors are thought to be responsible for this condition. Medical practitioners generally check hCG levels in women who may have abnormal tissue growing within the uterus. Such conditions are also known as a molar pregnancy which is also classified as a form of cancer in the uterus. Women who go through a miscarriage will be subjected to several hCG tests to ensure that they are not prone to molar pregnancy. HCG levels in men are often checked to ascertain whether any development of cancer within the testicles can be found.


The fertilization of an egg by a sperm cell generally takes place in the fallopian tube. It takes about nine days after the fertilization for the egg to move down the fallopian tube into the uterus and implant itself to the uterine wall. The developing placenta begins releasing hCG into the blood after the egg implants on the uterine wall. Some of the hCG is also released along with the urine. HCG is normally found within the blood within six days of implantation of the egg within the uterus.



It must be understood that hCG helps to maintain the pregnancy affecting the development of the baby in the fetus. During the first 14 to 16, weeks hCG levels increase constantly after the last menstrual period. They peak around week number 14 and thereafter begin to decrease in a gradual manner. The increase in hCG early in the pregnancy gives information about your pregnancy and the health of the baby. HCG can no longer be found within the blood immediately after the baby has been delivered.


In cases where women are carrying multiple pregnancies such as twins or triplets, the levels of hCG released is higher. In cases where the egg implants itself in places other than the uterus, the release of hCG can be lower. Such instances are known as ectopic pregnancies.


To measure the exact amount of hCG in the blood medical practitioners carry out blood tests. These tests are used to understand whether a woman is pregnant and can also check for pregnancies that are abnormal or for hCG that is related to certain cancers. HCG levels within the blood often give an indication about any birth defects within the unborn child. Doctors use several tests to determine the levels of some substances within the blood along with the age of the woman to estimate whether the baby may have certain problems or birth defects.


Why are hCG tests carried out?


There are several reasons why these tests are essentially. Some of them have been mentioned below for your understanding.


The primary intention is to check whether you are pregnant.


To understand whether you could be a victim of ectopic pregnancy.


To understand whether treatment is required for a molar pregnancy.


To look for birth defects such as down syndrome.


To understand whether any treatment may be required for a cancer that may develop from an egg or sperm.


Tests are usually carried out by collecting a sample of the urine or the blood from the patient. Advice of medical practitioners is suggested in these matters for reasons of hygiene and safety.


Very high levels of hCG in a woman can indicate that she could be carrying a multiple pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, down syndrome, or they could be prone to an early pregnancy than estimated by the last menstrual period.


In men and women who are not pregnant but are showing higher levels of hCG, it can mean a tumor that could be cancerous or non cancerous. Low levels of hCG in pregnant women could be an indicator that they are carrying an ectopic pregnancy which could lead to the death to the baby. If hCG levels are decreasing during pregnancy, it could be a sign of a miscarriage.


While it is always advised that the tests be conducted by a qualified professional and must also be mentioned that home pregnancy tests that can find hCG in urine are available and can be used by people who may be confident enough to do so. In all other cases, people are advised to look for professional help because they can be accurate and give a proper indication of the condition of the woman and the baby.

Tips While Buying HCG Drops Online

Shopping online for products is something that is common these days. People no longer bother going to a supermarket for the products they need but choose to order online safe in the knowledge that their requirement will be fulfilled shortly. This is a new trend that has caught on and is being followed by millions throughout the world. Shopping for general items is easy and does not require a great deal of attention. However, when it comes to purchasing hCG drops, some precautions have to be taken because people could easily be given something that cannot be up to the mark.

The weight loss industry is worth $30 billion, and it is certain that there are a number of manufacturers who are looking forward to capitalizing on the demand. Finding a credible company that can meet the requirements of consumers is difficult, especially when dealing online. In such cases, people do not get to see the seller but are only looking at an advertisement over the Internet. They will not even have information about whether the advertiser is a representative from a company. In most cases, it could be an affiliate looking forward to selling the product and generate an income for him or her. They will have no information about how the product will react after being used by a consumer. Instances of complaints not being attended to by the sellers are common to find. Therefore, it is essential for people to be careful and only deal with companies that they may have had some transactions earlier.

HCG drops are effective in helping people lose weight. However, it must be understood that there is no shortage of spurious products on the market. People that do not have enough information about a brand must ensure that they make all efforts to gather the information required before going ahead with the purchase. If they are dealing with a store or a pharmacy, they must inquire about the expiry date of the brand chosen. Any mistake in this regard will leave them with a product that has passed the best by date. They must not hesitate to ask questions about the type of storage arranged for by the seller. These products need to be stored in a cool dry place even during transit. Therefore, it is essential for people to exercise some caution before indulging in such activities.

Making the purchase is not a difficult task if you can find a reliable supplier. However, it is necessary to ensure that you are purchasing genuine hCG drops online. The product must have passed the stringent regulations put forward by the FDA and be classified as pharmaceutical grade. It must also be in compliance with the quality guidelines. Unless the product can conform to the guidelines mentioned it cannot be determined as a genuine product and is likely to disappoint the consumer. As with all online purchases, plenty of research must be conducted if a consumer intends to spend money on a product, which will take away the unwanted pounds on their body. If not, they will only be losing money, which they would not want.

Are there any Offer on HCG Bottles?

The best bargain that you can have with any product is if the product has some offers. The same goes for HCG hormones. This is very essential because you need to ensure that you have got the best bargain for the price that you have paid.

There are many offers that we know off. But just because of the sake of offer we need not compensate on the product’s quality. Hence, we have listed on the best hcg retailers who do not compromise on quality and yet have some offers.

The offers ranges from seasonal to yearly and depends on special events. Presently we know of a yearly offer by HCG Complex that sells one bottle free upon purchase of another bottle. Hence, you might want to take a look at it.

There are other retailers who also run some offers. And we have listed them in a chart comparison with various factors. Click here to visit the comparison page.